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oil and gas drilling rig like this used in Haynesville / Bossier shale play

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Wanting To Lease Land Or Sell Mineral Rights or Royalty?

If you seek help to lease land or sell minerals, we might be able to help you. Contact us with the following details if at all possible:

Oil & Gas Lease Help

We are actively seeking mineral owners regarding their oil, gas and mineral rights so that we can help them with  oil and gas lease offers. Not only Louisiana and Texas, but also Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Ohip, Pennsylvania, etc. We deal with many oil and gas companies that are active in the areas we cover and also companies that want to own leases but have no presence. Note that there are many companies in these plays, far more than Chesapeake, Shell, Encana, Petrohawk, Penn-Virginia, Devon, XTO, Anadarko, El Paso, Exco, Goodrich, GMX, EOG, Pioneer, Whiting, Continental, Cabot, Goodrich, Denbury, etc. An experienced landman (oil and gas consultant) knows the companies that are leasing mineral rights for oil and gas leases! You can accept or reject any offer. Contact us now to get your part of the activity, especially if your mineral rights are in a shale play! We are very eager and enjoy the business. We can make it enjoyable for you!

Email to:

> > > Oil & Gas Companies < < <

If you are a landman or oilfield consultant with an oil or gas company interested in making offers, please contact us and provide your contact information: contact person, phone, fax, website, email. We'll contact you concerning lands for lease. Or, if you are a landman or oil and gas consultant that has an oil and gas drilling prospect for sale, give us a call. We buy drilling deals.

We Have Decades Of Experience

With over 35 years of experience as a landman, an oil and gas operator and producer, oil and gas consultant and a background in farming and ranching, we've worn both hats... as the oil company and the landowner. Due to recent local drilling discoveries such as the Haynesville shale (Bossier shale) play of northwest Louisiana and east Texas, certain areas are enjoying oil and gas leasing and drilling activity for the first time. (Note: It's "Haynesville shale," not "shell.")

There's a big problem -- how can you know what is a fair deal? Without industry knowledge of what is going on, you will not get the maximum terms available from the oil company. Plus, you may sign a lease that does not contain important provisions that could greatly benefit you (or haunt you) for a very long time! That's where we come in. You can benefit from decades of landman experience. A good oil and gas consultant knows the ropes!

How can you know if your land is worth $10/acre to lease or thousands of dollars per acre? That's where we come in!

We keep up with which companies are buying oil and gas leases in this area of the ark-la-tex and other regions; our goal is to get you the best lease terms for your acreage.

Credibility For


On June 9, founder, Bill Pittman, was interviewed at length by t.v. station 56 News of Tyler, Texas (NBC) for a newscast story on the Haynesville shale. It ran June 17, 18, 19. It may also run soon on its FOX affiliate, FOX 33 of Shreveport.

Watch the 56 News Part I video interviewing founder, Bill

Read the 56 News Part II article on the Haynesville shale

On June 17, was interviewed at length by the Los Angeles Times for an upcoming story on the Haynesville shale.

Read the L.A. Times article.

On August, 8, 2008, KSLA News (CBS affilitate) interviewed founder, Bill.

KSLA TV, Shreveport interviews (CLICK ON "Local Oil & Gas Operators Squeezed Out")

On August 14, KSLA News interviewed Bill about royalty calculations.

On August 15, the Haynesville shale goes international -- Der Spiegel, Germany's #1 magazine with over one million readers, interviewed Article has yet to run.

On August 15, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was to send a film crew from Washington, D.C. to interview but due to scheduling conflicts, that has been postponed.

Writer Richard Thompson of The Times Picayune interviewed about the Tuscaloosa marine shale and the article ran on July 3, 2011. (See Tuscaloosa Marine shale article.)

On August 1, 2011, Cherise Kaechele, from the Argus Observer newspaper, Payette, Idaho, interviewed about leasing mineral rights.

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Example Of How We Can Benefit You

Example 1: Landowner signs a lease and an oil company drills a well. Landowner enjoys a royalty check but is shocked to discover he made a big mistake by not having a certain clause in the lease when he signed. It negatively affects his land for the rest of his life. We know those special clauses you need! It comes from 33 years of landman and oil and gas consultant experience!

Example 2: Landowner signs on with us, gets great offers, accepts the best one and enjoys not having to hassle with negotiating something he knows nothing about.

  REAL WORLD EXAMPLE:  Landowner signs a lease. Contacts us due to something that they don't think is right about the payment. We got a copy of the lease, took a quick glance and said "You said this lease was such and such. But no, it's such and such." They were shocked. Had to read it to them again. Why didn't they consult an expert before signing! This failure to have someone who knows and understands lease language look over the contract has now cost them a small fortune and there is nothing we can do about it. They signed the lease! Lack of knowledge doesn't count, they signed it! Bad mistake.

How Much Do I Have To Pay You?

You may want us to find a company to lease your land through our contacts with dozens of companies or simply hire us as your oil and gas consultant and personal landman; we can perform several services for you. We become your "oil pro" but we do not charge an up-front fee. Call for details. If we help you sell mineral rights, there is no fee whatsoever.

Call Us If This Fits

This is a great opportunity for landowners, and we are eager to help you in the oilfield.

Call us! It helps if you know...

Nothing Is Certain In Oil & Gas

The oil and biz is one of the world's riskiest businesses. Regarding price alone, where are we headed? As you can see from the crude oil price chart below, crude oil price is very volatile! It's a roller coaster business, up... down... up... down. Over my 34+ year career, what I have found is the Up does not last nearly as long as the Down! Meaning that "boom times," where prices are very high, are short-lived. And the busts can last for many years. Such as the period 1986 through 2003... that's 17 years of low prices and much anguish for the oil and gas industry. For the chart below, you can click on the buttons to see the chart change for various time periods. "1m" is one month. "1q" is one quarter. "1y" is one year. "5y" is five years.

As for the Haynesville shale and other natural gas plays, the price of natural gas is the key, as these particular shales produce almost 100% dry gas, with no oil or natural gas liquids. Below are two charts (2-year, 3-year) showing natural gas price. If the price of natural gas does not rise dramatically soon, the Haynesville shale play is in trouble. Most companies will sit on HBP (Held By Production) acreage with one well, and leave the rest of the section (640 acres) undrilled until prices finally rise. Who knows when that will be.

Did You Miss Out On The Big Money?

If you are a mineral owner in a hot play who leased before the big money started being paid (and yes, we understand, it makes you sick!), here is an option for you to capitalize on this unprecedented bonanza. We have investors who speculate by buying mineral rights or royalty. An option is to sell some minerals. Nothing is certain in the oil and gas business and even though some Haynesville shale wells turned out good, it could be many years before you enjoy a royalty check, if at all. Some landowners have chosen a "bird in the hand," especially those who are concerned about ever receiving anything substantial during their lifetime. A landowner does not have to sell all. You can sell 3/4 or, say, 1/2 of your minerals rights or producing royalty checks to enjoy a big up-front payday and retain the rest of your mineral rights and/or royalty rights, hoping that drilling occurs and turns out good. Believe me, every landman knows the horror stories of making a large offer to a potential seller, they refuse it, and then the play goes bad in their area and all that cash money went byebye!

You can sell a portion of your mineral rights. Another explanation...
How to sell minerals or royalty. Another explanation...
Learn about selling a portion of your mineral rights.

Remove The Worry

If you want to lease land, as a client, you can contact us to discuss any questions about your land and/or minerals. Anytime we get an offer, we'll negotiate for you. (Especially if you are located in any area oil companies are leasing and drilling within the Haynesville / Bossier shale play of north Louisiana and east Texas or the Eagle Ford shale of South Texas.) We'll also serve as your oilfield consultant, giving you advice regarding any offer and advise you on certain terms and conditions we need to put in the document.

We'll advise you on matters such as:

Bio/Resume & Tell-a-friend

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Doing What It Takes

If necessary, we will also do preliminary title work, researching the county/parish Assessor and Courthouse records. And we will also research the Office Of Conservation, Texas Railroad Commission, Oklahoma Oil and Gas Commission or other state agency, perusing the oil and gas well records, if required.

Knowledge Is Power

Not only do we have the knowledge and negotiation skills to get you maximum cash and other benefits, we know what to look out for. As for knowing what your land is worth, we have "bird dogs" all throughout your area that update us regularly with going prices for leases in your area. We know what you should get! Otherwise, you could leave a lot on the table.

If your land is within the Haynesville / Bossier shale play in the arklatex (or other "hot" plays), a good offer will include a lease "bonus," the amount paid up front for the lease. At the prices those "in the know" are getting, you need good advice from someone "in the know!" Someone who has good oil and gas business sense, is congenial, knows the law and how the oil and gas business operates!

NOTE: The proper spelling of this shale is "Haynesville," not "Hanesville," not "Hainesville," not "Hansville" and not "Haynsville."

Working Together To Get The Best Deal

Even though we are pro-landowner, we also understand the industry's side. Even though you have the land, only the oil companies can get the oil and gas out due to the tremendous costs and expertise required. They are spending enormous amounts of money on modern wells. Most cost several million dollars to drill. We love the business and enjoy the challenge of seeing wells drilled and it only makes sense to all work together. Our top priority is your best interest but we use our 33+ years of experience negotiating deals to advise landowners in a prudent fashion in our dealing with the oil or gas company. Else, nobody wins. An experienced landman knows the ropes because he's worked for the companies!

We know what is a reasonable landowner demand and what is not. You can only know these things through many years of experience in oil and gas exploration. And some landowners go too far, demanding terms and conditions that the oil company cannot live with. So, you could end up with nothing. What everyone should want is excellent lease terms and a well drilled nearby! If they make a good oil or gas well, a monthly royalty check could result.

The oil or gas company wants to get along with everyone. It makes operating in the area a lot easier. But they will not pay you maximum dollar if they don't have to. It's just business! So, you need someone with inside knowledge of oil and gas leasing. Remove the pressure from worrying about the deal, we'll serve as your personal oil and gas consultant and personal landman.

Summary Of Services Available To Landowners & Mineral Owners

Do You Need More Cash?

Some people like "sure money" and prefer a sure thing. Those in the oil and gas business are used to risk; after all, it's one of the world's riskiest businesses! Or perhaps you are up in years and would prefer "now money." We have buyers who are in the business of buying mineral rights. They win some, they lose some. (Meaning some transactions pay off, some don't. Ever heard of a "dry hole?") If you want additional cash money even if you have already leased your land, contact us. Or, if you don't want to sell all you own, you can sell 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 of your minerals or royalty. If you own property rights including minerals or royalties, here is info about selling mineral rights. Contact us and provide mineral ownership details and property location.

With over 35 years experience at oil and gas, we have been involved with many mineral right sales and even we have sold some of our minerals and royalty rights. With a good enough offer, virtually anything is for sale. You can bet the wealthy sometimes sell mineral rights. (They know the risk of the oil & gas business! The wealthy know the value of sure money!) [ How to sell mineral rights. ]

Get A Well Drilled

Our focus also includes active oil and gas exploration. We work with some companies that keep rigs drilling 365 days a year. If you have enough land to form a drilling unit and have some information about prior drilling (perhaps a new well needs to be drilled or an old oil well or gas well reworked) or if you are an oil company that has land and wish to get a well drilled, please contact us.

Focus Area:
Haynesville / Bossier Shale Play
North Louisiana and East Texas

We are always interested in lands anywhere in the USA but currently, we are very active in the ark-la-tex Haynesville shale play (Bossier shale play) where oil companies are leasing in north Louisiana and East Texas. In Louisiana, especially the following parishes:

In east Texas, especially the following counties.

In North Louisiana's Caddo Parish, especially the following towns: Shreveport, Bethany, Keithville, Taylortown, Frierson, Caspiana, Gloster, Greenwood.

In northwest Louisiana's DeSoto Parish, especially the following towns: Stonewall, Longstreet, Grand Cane, Mansfield, Stanley, Evelyn, Stanley, Pelican, Logansport, Keatchie (Keachie).

In Bienville Parish, especially the following towns: Ringgold, Jamestown, Castor.

In Bossier Parish, especially the following towns: Elm Grove, Haughton, Bellevue, Princeton, Fillmore, Red Chute, Eastwood.

In Red River Parish, especially the following towns: Coushatta, Hall Summit, Edgefield, Martin.

In Natchitoches Parish, especially the following towns: Ashland, Campti, Powhatan, Creston.

In Sabine Parish, especially the following towns: Pleasant Hill, Noble, Converse, Zwolle, Many, Toledo Bend area.

In Webster Parish, especially the following towns: Dixie Inn, Doyline, Sibley.

In Shelby county, especially the following towns: Arcadia, Brooklyn, Center, Dreka, Huxley, Joaquin, Shelbyville, Tenaha, Timpson.

In Panola county, especially the following towns: Beckville, DeBerry, Carthage, Gary, Clayton, Gary City, Long Branch, Mineral Springs, Murvaul, Tatum.

In Harrison county, especially the following towns: Uncertain, Elysian Fields, Karnack, Leigh, Scottsville, Jonesville, Latex, Marshall, Gill, Waskom.

In Nacogdoches county, especially the following towns: Garrison, Texas; Etoile, Texas; Appleby, Texas; Chireno, Texas.

In San Augustine county, especially the following towns: San Augustine, Texas.

In Sabine county, especially the following towns: Milam, Texas.

And here is a map of the Haynesville shale core leasing area. (This map will be updated periodically.)

Focus Area:
Eagle Ford Shale Play
South Texas

We are interested in the following Texas counties:

* Wilson county
* Gonzales county
* Lavaca county
* Dewitt county
* La Salle county
* Dimmit county
* Webb county
* Zavalla county
* Karnes county
* McMullen county
* Frio county
* Atascosa county
* Live Oak county
* Bee county
* Webb county

We also can help you with oil and gas leases and sales of mineral rights in these areas: Eagle Ford shale (Eagleford shale), Utica shale, Marcellus shale, Devonian shale, Niobrara shale, Granite Wash, Colony Granite Wash, Mancos shale, Cline shale, Avalon shale and the Bakken shale. Also, any state with oil and gas production... not only Louisiana and Texas, but Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Montana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, etc.

Tuscaloosa Shale

There's a new kid on the block and we hope he turns out to be a winner! It's called the Tuscaloosa shale (Tuscaloosa Marine shale) and encompasses a swath across central Louisiana eastward into Mississippi. We don't yet know if oil and gas will be found in profitable quantities across a broad area. We'll have a better idea whether it will work by sometimes in 2014. As for now, we are working with mineral owners to get oil and gas leases in the following counties and parishes:

In Mississippi, especially the following counties:

In Louisiana, especially these parishes prospective for the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale: See this page for more info: Tuscaloosa shale oil and gas consultant.

NOTE: We do not practice law, we simply use the knowledge of 35 years of oil and gas experience. When appropriate, we will have an oil and gas attorney review your info.

Phone (ask for Bill Pittman): 318-426-0909 or if you need toll-free, 800-664-7650.
Note: The phone rings a lot, so, please leave a message if you get voicemail.
FAX: 888-662-8388

Email to:
Please provide detail in your email... how many acres, location, what you want to do, your contact info, etc.

What IS the Haynesville shale?

Sell mineral rights, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana

Sell mineral rights, Red River Parish, Louisiana

Sell mineral rights in Niobrara Shale

Sell oil rights

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