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oil and gas drilling rig like this used in Eagle Ford shale play

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Help With Oil Leasing Or Selling Mineral Rights

Oil And Gas Leasing

What is an oil and gas lease (oil, gas and mineral lease)? It's an agreement, a contract between an oil company, the Lessee, and a mineral rights owner, the Lessor. A mineral rights owner has the right to explore for oil and gas on his property, but very people do this, as it is very expensive, usually costing millions of dollars. So, they sign a lease to allow an oil company do the work. In exchange, the Lessor is usually paid a lease bonus, a "signing bonus" to grant the lease. The Lessor will also retain a royalty percentage and in the event that the oil company actually does drill a well, and IF it hits paydirt, the Lessor is paid his percentage royalty. The contract (lease) is a very important document, because if the oil company drills and if they hit, the lease can be in effect for many decades, affecting the Lessor's heirs for a very long time! So, hiring a professional to represent you and your family makes sense! Right? Right! (That's where we come in -- My Oil Pro, LLC.)

What Is A Landman

A landman is a multi-faceted job. It is someone performing tasks related to mineral rights, usually oil and gas rights. Another term for landman is leasehound or lease broker, but those terms are somewhat outdated.

What does a landman do? Many things! The most common job is to buy oil and gas leases from those who own mineral rights on behalf of an oil company. Usually, he also will be the one to "run title" for such acquisitions, which entails checking the county conveyance records to determine who owns the mineral rights for a given tract of land that the oil company is interested in. Someone who runs title but does not buy leases is also called an abstractor. Another area of work is right-of-way acquisitions for pipelines. Lastly, some people want to sell mineral rights or royalties and they can hire a landman to facilitate the sale. As for the most common task of being a landman -- oil and gas leasing -- My Oil Pro, LLC, serves on the other side of the table... we are hired by mineral rights owners to represent them in oil and gas lease transactions. The oil business is a very complicated business and it's about time the mineral owner had equal representation at the bargaining table!

Subjects That Fit Our Services

During the past few years, various "shale plays" across the USA have meant that vast areas of land (millions of acres) are being leased. Such as... Barnett shale, Haynesville shale, Fayetteville shale, Woodford shale, Eagle Ford shale, Niobrara shale, Monterey shale, Antrim shale, Tuscaloosa shale (Tuscaloosa Marine shale), Utica shale, Marcellus shale, Pearsall shale, Bossier shale, Avalon shale, Bakken shale, and other plays, such as the Brown Dense, the Permian Basin, Mississippi Lime, Granite Wash, Woodbine, Eaglebine, Wolfcamp, etc. If you want an expert on your side regarding your mineral rights in one of these plays, we hope you'll get expert representation... My Oil Pro, LLC!

(Hire us as a Barnett shale landman, Haynesville shale landman, Fayetteville shale landman, Woodford shale landman, Eagle Ford shale landman, Niobrara shale landman, Monterey shale landman, Antrim shale landman, Tuscaloosa shale landman (Tuscaloosa Marine shale landman), Utica shale landman, Marcellus shale landman, Pearsall shale landman, Bossier shale landman, Avalon shale landman, Bakken shale landman, Brown Dense landman, Permian Basin landman, Mississippi Lime landman, Granite Wash landman, Eaglebine landman, Woodbine landman or Wolfcamp landman.)

Remove the worry, we are here for you. Let us be your personal landman. With over 34 years of experience in the oilfield, we know how to maximize what you can get when negotiating with an oil company! And we don't even charge an up-front fee. Please give us a call, we are eager to work for mineral owners!

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