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oil and gas drilling rig like this used in Eagle Ford shale play

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 Sell Mineral Rights
Karnes County, Texas 

Wanting To Sell Mineral Rights In Karnes County, Texas?

Mineral rights owners in Texas' Karnes County can receive a significant cash settlement by selling mineral rights. Even if the mineral rights are leased by an oil & gas company or "HBP" (held by production). And your choice, sell a portion or all of your mineral rights.

In Karnes County, especially mineral rights near the following towns:

You may also sell royalty rights in Karnes County, non-producing royalty or producing royalties.

Call Bill at 318-426-0909 or 800-664-7650
If you have already received an offer to buy mineral rights, give us a call and we will counter offer.

Or click back to Home for more contact info to receive an offer. You can sell mineral rights in Karnes County, Texas, whether you have an oil and gas lease already or not.