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oil and gas drilling rig like this used in Eagle Ford shale play

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 Mineral Rights Owners Wanted
Eagle Ford Shale Play 

Wanting To Lease Land Or Sell Mineral Rights?

(Note: The Eagle Ford shale play of south Texas has been extended into Louisiana. It is also called the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. Here is more info about the Louisiana side: Eagle Ford Shale Louisiana.

We buy mineral rights in the Eagle Ford shale (Eagleford shale) play. This is a new area of oil and gas exploration that trends from the southwest to the northeast. If you are a mineral rights owner, we can offer you a nice cash payday! Even if your land is already leased to an oil & gas company, we can still buy mineral rights. We are a mineral rights buyer in several states and have an established track record. We have real cash money behind us and lots of it! It's a crazy, up-and-down business we're in (oil and gas exploration) and we win some and we lose some, meaning that some tracts we buy don't ever produce any oil or gas production, but we spread our risk over several oil & gas producing states. For you, it means we are willing to buy your risk. And, you can sell 3/4 or 1/2 of your mineral rights and gamble with the rest. Whatever you wish, we just enjoy working with mineral rights owners. It's actually fun doing these deals. We have made mineral rights owners wealthy. You can bet they were happy to sell mineral rights in the Eagle Ford shale; a big fat paycheck solves many problems!

If interested, don't delay, because this is the oil business and what is here today can be gone tomorrow. And right now, we're buying.

For mineral rights owners near these towns (this list could shrink of expand), contact us:

Again, even if you already have an oil & gas lease on your land by EOG, Shell, Petrohawk, Chesapeake, Pioneer, Rosetta, St. Mary Land, Whiting, Geo Southern or another oil & gas company, if it's in the Eagle Ford (Eagleford) shale region, you can sell all or part of your minerals to us.

Some refer to this area as the Eagleford shale but the correct way is Eagle Ford shale, named for Eagle Ford, Texas, where it outcrops. No matter... if you're wondering who buys mineral rights in this Texas oil and gas shale play, we do!

Also, if you own producing royalties (you are getting royalty checks from an oil or gas company), we're interested in buying royalty interests, too. To enjoy a cash payday while you still have time to enjoy it, by selling minerals in the South Texas Eagle Ford shale play, call us or fill out the form on the Home page. And here is a page that discusses what you want to know -- why sell mineral rights.

Note... at this time, we have a focus in Karnes County, Texas and also Gonzales county, Dewitt county, McMullen county, La Salle county, Webb county and others nearby. If you own mineral rights there, please contact us or go to sell mineral rights in Karnes County, Texas. Or, go to sell mineral rights in Webb County, Texas.

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